Enjoying the occasional doughnut? Go for it.⁣

However, when it becomes a structural habit to stuff your face with foods loaded with artificial trans fats, you may be compromising your health. ⁣

A study review showed that eating an extra 4.4 g of trans fat per day is associated with 23% higher risk of heart attack and stroke [Mozaffarian 2006].⁣ Of course, the closer you are to 100 years of age, the more relevant this becomes, because there is a higher overall incidence of cardiovascular disease in them.

You can find artificial trans fat – known as partially hydrogenated oil – in many (baked) foods; especially in ready-made frostings.⁣

Fortunately, many companies make an effort to reduce artificial trans fats in their products. But beware of the food labels: the FDA allows them to state 0 g when trans fats are under 0.5 g per serving. ⁣

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