My name is Stijn van Willigen, and it is my mission to help B2B Consulting & Coaching businesses grow with evidence-based marketing strategy.

🗣️ “Working with Stijn changed my team’s mindset. Creating marketing hypotheses, testing them, and learning from the outcomes accelerates growth.” – Gerben Roosink, owner of Mind the Body

📈 Specifically, it’s my vision to cultivate happier and better performing employees through helping leadership training agencies, but I also help other types of businesses grow.

📖 Personal Story
How I developed a critical mindset to discover what really works for business growth:

I truly recognized the value of data-driven decision-making after facing the fate of many teens: acne.

Feeling worthless, as if fixing my “skin issue” was necessary to move on with life, I tried dozens of pseudo-scientific remedies.

Juices, treatments, pills, apple cider vinegar, you name it, often based on intuition or personal experiences rather than real research.

Years of trying, spending money, investing time—all fruitless.

Desperate, at 15, I turned to spending hours looking through scientific literature on PubMed, seeking a “cure.”

Eventually, I found a controversial drug supported by multiple studies. I begged my doctor to prescribe it.

Within weeks, the acne disappeared. It changed my life.

Today, I’m fascinated by what science and data can do for our decision-making.

Not just for skin conditions, but also for being a better leader for happier and more productive employees.

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