Did you ever think twice about the micronutrient zinc?

How likely is it that you are deficient? How does it affect your (hormonal) health?

Multiple studies show men with zinc deficiency have significantly lower testosterone levels than normal [Prasad 1996, Kilic 2006, Sandstead 1967]. Furthermore, you need enough zinc for a well functioning immune system.

20 mg zinc per day is recommended for weightlifting men, 14 mg for women.
To see whether you’re deficient, it’s best to look at your diet.

You would need to eat 500 g of red meat, 1.5 gallons (5 Liters) of milk, 40 eggs, or over 2 kg of chicken per day to reach 20 mg zinc.

So especially people that don’t eat a lot of animal products are at a risk, such as vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians. For them, I advise investing in a good zinc supplement to ensure you’re getting in at least 20 mg of *elemental* zinc per day.

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So you could probably increase your testosterone levels by consuming more zinc, but only if you’re zinc deficient in the first place.