Are you actively keeping your fat intake high in hopes of gaining more muscle?

It’s almost common belief now that this will increase testosterone levels, which “of course” will affect muscle and fat mass.

The research – as you can see from the image – shows mixed results [Dorgan 1996, Wang 2005, Hamailanen 1984].

Overall, increasing your fat intake from 20% of calories to 40% can *potentially* increase your (free) testosterone levels by about 10%.

About 10%. What difference does this make?

Research shows increasing men’s testosterone levels by 100% grew them 1.3 kg muscle in 3 months [Wang 2000] .

From this, we can hypothesize that 10% may grow you a mere 0.1 – 0.2 kg of extra muscle.

So I ask you; is closely watching your fat intake worth that extra edge? That’s for you to decide.

However, for the general trainee the most important thing is simply consistency. Habits.

Get into the gym as planned. Eat smaller portions. Get your sleep. Structure and discipline; these are the fundamentals for great results.

Testosterone levels are (mostly) a given. The cards you’re dealt. Play them wisely. Thank your mom and dad.