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This is an overview of most of the Head Driver exercises out there. If you want to know more about the difference between Head drivers and other categories of Glute exercises, take a look at my previous article or a great post by Bret Contreras on the topic.

In short:

  • The red ‘Activator’ type exercises highly activate the glutes during most of the movement.
  • The pink ‘Pumper’ type exercises only highly activate the glutes during a little part of the movement.
  • The blue ‘Stretcher’ type exercises highly activate the glutes when they are in a stretched position, which causes a lot of muscle damage.

Since a lot of Head drivers are blue, they are generally of the stretcher type, and they generally take more time to recover from because they cause more muscle damage.

Remember: the fact all these exercises exist does not mean you should do all of them. The biggest mistake I see in glute training is overtraining. You can’t recover from 4 different glute exercises per day and it will probably cut into your results. Are you doing 4 different exercises per day to optimally stimulate your shoulders? Right. So you should also not do it for the glutes.

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