Lessons on optimizing Nutrition, Training and Life on Patreon

  • Have you done multiple evidence-based courses, but still confused on how to put it all to practice?
  • Afraid you yourself may be missing out on muscle gains because your training program or nutrition is not optimal?
  • Are you specifically struggling to create training programs for yourself and your clients that are actually in line with all the research on optimal training volume?


A unique evidence-based program designer that:

  • Has an expansive exercise selection per muscle group.


  • Automatically counts the total training sets per upper body muscle per week to optimize the program to the individual.

  • Upload your program to Google Drive and let your clients use it via the Google Sheets app on their phone to track workouts.

Finally, you will get the rights for a possible future software package (including a lower body muscle volume counter) for a reduced price. We’ve literally spent hundreds of hours looking through the research and discussions with Menno Henselmans to turn this product idea into a reality.

Don’t miss out on finally putting the science into practice.

Still confused about what this ‘Patreon’ thing is? Have a look at this nice intro video.

Here’s a short instruction video on how the program designer works:

With a 10-dollar-per-month subscription you will get:

  • Multiple science-based lessons per week on nutrition, training, and lifestyle and how to directly apply them to reap the benefits.
  • Regular postings where I extensively discuss proper technique for optimized (and unknown) exercises.
  • One weekly (live) webinar where I answer all your questions on nutrition and training (and coaching) and handle case studies.
  • Systems and contents to put science into practice like macro-optimized recipes, sample programs, guides, etc.

There’s already a database of over 100 valuable posts.

What others had to say:

Menno Henselmans

“Stijn van Willigen provides excellent work for Bayesian Bodybuilding. He’s evidence-based and is great at conveying scientific information to the public in a reader-friendly fashion with his infographics and savvy writing. His work has significantly improved the quality of our articles and online PT Course.”