Important announcement
Currently the Program designer with volume counter is under construction to be re-released. You can read more about the Program designer below. Check back on this page from time to time to see any changes in the status.

Program designer with volume counter

A unique evidence-based product that lets you create a training program, while giving you insights on the weekly training volume load per upper body muscle per week.

How it works:


  • Has an extensive exercise selection per muscle group.
  • gif-select-exercise-designer
  • Automatically counts the total training sets per upper body muscle per week to optimize the program to the individual. Based on biomechanical analysis and the latest EMG (muscle activity) science.
  • You can upload the program you designed to Google Drive and share it with your clients to use with the app Google Sheets on their smartphones.
  • You will get the rights for a possible future software package (including a lower body muscle volume counter) for a reduced price.

Don’t miss out on saving hours on creating training programs.

Program designer no longer available.

Instructional videos and questions regarding the Program designer