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Optimized glute training templates

What this is not:
This is not a coaching service where I’ll be able to assist and monitor your progress with any of my programs.


What this is:
These are training templates I designed for serious female trainees. They are based on the optimal weekly glute training frequency and volume. Furthermore, they include the best exercises there are for the glutes.

For every training template there’s a 4-, 5-, or 6-day training per week option. By default, they also include upper body exercises, because most women want to develop their entire bodies. However, if you specifically want to focus on the glutes, you can choose not to do these exercises.


What you will get:

  • Training program (printable and excel) for 4/5/6x per week. Optimal for your glute advancedness and stress/sleep levels.
  • Detailed instructions and videos on how to perform the exercises.
  • A guide that teaches you how to make optimal progress.


All this for a single payment of 39,- USD. Truly an investment in your physique, mindset and training knowledge.


Shut up. How can I get mine?
Just fill out the following form to determine your glutes’ training status. Then enter your general stress and sleep levels (important to recovery capacity).

A button will appear that links you to a custom-made training template that’s optimized to your level of advancedness and life circumstances.