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Personal training

Paul Simon

Stijn is a great trainer, motivator and a lot of fun to be around. Stijn really cares about his clients and you can really see that he is not a clock watcher who hops on from one client to the next. He is always available to help and give you feedback.

Stijn’s expertise is not limited to training but also to helping you tailor lifestyle changes to your suit your busy schedule.

I also like the fact that all his recommendations are backed by scientific research and studies. I’ve been able to implement a few of his recommendations and that combined with the PT sessions have helped me achieve great personal progress.

I would highly recommend Stijn to anyone who is serious about getting fit, healthy and happy.

Paul Simon Financial advisor and investor

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Do you have a busy life?

Lots of responsibilities?

Little time to work on your physical health?

Together, we can make a change for the better. Towards a fitter, healthier you.

Discover all the benefits

  • Higher productivity

    Improve performance at your occupation through more focus.

  • More stamina for the good things in life

    Prepare your body for everything life throws at it.

  • Increase your confidence

    A better body makes for a more stable mind.

  • Look better naked

    Definitely not unimportant. You will get an irresistibly fit body.

  • Finally recover from (old) injuries

    We will discover the culprits of your pain and regain proper movement patterns.

  • More energy for family and friends

    Give more to the ones you love most.

Here's what Stijn's clients had to say:

Stijn knows what he's talking about, he is sociable and has lots of ideas and solutions. He only needs few words.

Although I've trained a number of years, I learned a lot of tips from him; from pointing down my toes to turn off my calf muscle in a leg curl to using a wrist wrap during a deadlift so I have no pain in my forearms. I can go on and on.

All in all, he's a top coach with a ton of knowledge and value to offer.

Fleur Schutte
Fleur Schutte

Stijn is a super relaxed person and pleasant to work with. He takes his job very seriously, but there's still room for laughter. He carefully listens to your needs and fits your training and nutrition program accordingly.

Camille Boyer
Camille Boyer

Very professional and knowledgeable with the ability to communicate in understandable language and terms.

I had been struggling for a year with a myriad of trainers and finally got what I was looking for in Stijn!

Dave Popping
Dave Popping

Stijn knows how to motivate me and understands his profession. Due to a knee injury I was unfortunately unable to attend my weekly sports lessons. Stijn has given me back my confidence through targeted exercises for great strength results.

Priscilla Schaul
Priscilla Schaul

Is your lower back pain hindering your everyday life?

S. from Lisbon, Portugal (left anonymous)

I came to the conclusion I wasn’t getting results because I couldn’t do it all by myself. Enter Stijn, who was someone who gained my trust, giving me researchable knowledge and truly adjusting the plan to me.

In one month my body changed even though I kept “struggling” with my active social life, which in Portugal, does imply a lot of tasty food and tasty wine.

Stijn was always ready to adjust and give me alternatives to whatever obstacles kept coming and my focus and discipline made us a great team.

S. from Lisbon, Portugal (left anonymous)

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